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Smalley Realty has extensive experience in the sale or purchase of a variety of business types.  We spend time with your business and your financial records to fully understand your business.  This involves not only the compiling of numbers and information, but analyzing and making recommendations that will result in a greater return on the sale.  The business is then priced at market level in order to attract qualified buyers.We search for qualified buyers, negotiate the contract, deal with lawyers, accountants and other professions involved in the sale.  We attend to take over and the taking of inventory.

Confidentiality & Results

All sales are dealt with confidentiality secured through non-disclosure agreements signed by potential buyers. All details of the sale/purchase are handled smoothly and efficiently, from start to finish, allowing the clients to have peace of mind.  Smalley has the knowledge, desire and commitment to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.
Why is confidentiality so important? Click here to find out.

The Next Step

For further information, I would like to discuss your situation in person.  This meeting is done at your convenience, discreetly as not to alert attention that the business may be for sale.  We offer a no-obligation valuation of your business.

Smalley Realty - The Commercial Property Specialist  since 1952                      

Our Fees

Our fees and terms are spelled out on a listing agreement with the seller.  Within this agreement is the commission due to the broker.  We work on a commission basis only receiving compensation when a business sells.  The commission is based on a % of the selling price or on a flat rate basis.  The listing agreement is an exclusive listing for a set period of time.  Since we are a family operation and not affiliated with any franchise, we can offer lower commission fees.

Our History

Smalley Realty was established back in 1952 by Ralph & Dorothy Smalley (both deceased).  Harry Smalley took over operation of the business back in 1979. 

Harry provides his clients with the confidence that comes from someone who has the experience gained from completing hundreds of successful business transactions.

Harry is a very proud father of four children, a grandfather to 5 and looking forward to more!  His wife, Janice, assists in the operation of the office.  In his spare time, Harry enjoys his hobby farm.

About Smalley Realty

Smalley Realty is a family owned company that realizes the importance of confidentiality in selling a business.  We offer a proven track record and are a leader in the sale of businesses.

Why Should Businesses be Sold or Purchased in a Confidential Manner?

If you are looking for a hotel/motel or business, we typically know the properties that owners wish to sell on a very discreet basis.  Putting your business out there makes people wonder.  It creates an air of uncertainty that can be detrimental to your bottom line.

Employees get nervous as they begin to worry about their jobs - some may even quit. Customers begin to wonder - they become concerned about new owners offering them the same service.  Competition will spread the word or use it as ammunition against your business, potentially stealing your business or employees.

Buyers want successful operations with few changes.  Too many questions translates to greater risk and lower purchase offers.  When buying or selling, you want to maintain business as usual.

We are diligent in protecting your information and determine those that are seriously interested and qualified to buy.

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